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Attend Exhibition Is The Way to Expand Market in Traditional Stationery Exporting Business

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Core prompt: Attend exhibition is the useful way to expand new market in traditional stationery exporting business.Under the such we

Attend exhibition is the useful way to expand new market in traditional stationery exporting business.Under the such weak market, stationery manufacturers should attend a lot of stationery fair.To show more porudcts to attract vistors.So what kinds of benefit for stationery export manafacuters to attend fair?   1.Reduce cost   To attend fair can direct contact with customers for stationery factories.It is reduce the spend between the middlemen and make the price has more advantage.Data show that the average cost of contact customers from fair are noly take 40% of other way to contact.   2.Redce the workload   To contact with customer in fair can redcue a lot of work for foreign salesman.Because overseas trade across an ocean,they should to do a lot of work to know about each other for stationery suppliers and stationery purchasers.In this case,attend fari is a good way to eliminate worries customers trust.It is very useful for cstomer development.   3.To know potential customers   There are only 12% of visistor would be received call from the company before 12 months;and 88% of them are the new customer.And the fair always will bring the higher level customer for supplier.There are 49% of visitors are planning to buy the products and service at the fair.These interested buyers also is you potential customers,so publishe the catalog as more as possible.   4.Dispaly advantages   It is unavoidable the customer will do the compeitit between suppliers.The fair also one ways to display the advantages of stationery suppliers.Exhibitor should pay more attention to the design in booth and do well in the service.Lepusheng stationery is do the new design for booth at the 114th Canton fari.To impved the good service and attract a lot of visitors.Becuase puchaser will do the competiti between each other in suppliers.Fair is the good opportunities to display the image and strength of stationery suppliers.   5.Directly contact with the customer   As we known that the communication between import and export trade usually be done by email,telephone and other information transfer media.At the fair,you can derectly contact the customers.It is a good ways to establish friendly business.   6.Information collection and analysis    It is no doubt that the exhibition is the best ways to know the current competition situation and new products, it is very useful for the enterprise to do the investigation.In addition,the fair also improve a lot of opportunity let we know the competition situation.It is very useful for the enterprise to do the long-term development planning.

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